How to sync Windows Live Hotmail (Outlook.com) with Outlook?

How to sync Windows Live Hotmail (Outlook.com) with Outlook?

Google has Gmail and what does Microsoft have?

To many of you, Hotmail has been an old friend for decades since 1995. After Microsoft merged it back in 1997, it was renamed to MSN Hotmail with several attempts of merging this service under Windows infrastructure. Later in 2005, facing competitive Gmail services from Google, MSN Hotmail turned into Windows Live Hotmail and offered faster, easier and more secured services. As of 2012, Outlook.com came out and it will gradually replace Windows Live Hotmail by 2013. Starting mid of this year (2015), Microsoft will unify all former accounts including Hotmail, MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Outlook.com into Office 365 services.

What is Outlook.com API or Live Connect API?

Lots of people are trying to access their Hotmail or Outlook.com contacts and calendars within Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. Only Outlook 2013 does the job enabling users to join their Outlook.com accounts via MAPI, a native Microsoft protocol deployed by Exchange server services. What about Outlook 2007 and 2010? 

According to research and experiment on Internet, Outlook 2007 and 2010 have issues accessing Hotmail or Outlook.com data though Microsoft says Outlook 2007 sp3 and 2010 sp2 fix the issues. Yet, Microsoft has already stopped providing mainstream support of Outlook 2007 on 10/9/2012 and will also stop providing mainstream support of Outlook 2010 on 10/13/2015.

Consequently, users are looking for a real-working replacement or alternative like the Hotmail connector or Outlook.com connector for Outlook 2007 and 2010. Luckily, third-party hotmail connector software applications such as EVO Collaborator for Outlook come in rescue by implementing Outlook.com API. With this Outlook.com connector API also aka Live Connect API, we are able to sync our Outlook.com contacts and calendars with limitation due to the API itself.

How to sync Hotmail or Outlook.com with Outlook?

Let us try EVO Collaborator for Outlook to see if synchronization works?

  1. Download EVO Collaborator for Outlook and install it
  2. Click on Configure profiles

  3. Select Profile called outlook.com – not configured

  4. Click TEST button at the bottom to proceed entering Outlook e-mail and password in popup window
  5. A list of permissions acknowledgement pops up and click on YES to grant ECO

  6. Click off the window popup to continue
  7. Click on OK in Success box and then Apply to save configuration settings
  8. For existing local items before ECO installation, click on Browse local above CardDAV action for contacts and CalDAV action for calendars and perform O2C action

What are the Outlook.com sync limitations?

The Live Connect API has various limitations upon synchronization. Limitations are as the following:

  1. Outlook.com contact:

    a. Two-way sync of Name, Address, E-mail address and phone number is possible

    b. Add/Changes/Delete within Outlook.com contacts can be synchronized to Outlook.

    Add can be synchronized from Outlook to Outlook.com
  2. Outlook.com calendar:

    a. Two-way sync of calendar Add/Modify/Delete is possible.

    For recurring items, it only syncs one-way from Outlook.com to Outlook

    For sync range in term of number of days, 90 days before or after the current date.

From Live Connect API to Office 365 API

As we mentioned previously, Office 365 will take over all Outlook.com services and all existing Outlook.com accounts will be using Office 365 services instead. This is good news. Why? Office 365 API enable third-party software developers to sync a complete set of fields between Outlook and Office 365 services.