Sync Google calendar with Outlook

Synchronize Gmail Contacts and Calendars with Outlook 

Somone has recently asked me about "how can he sync Gmail contacts and calendars with Outlook?" Of course, you can do it!

Since Gmail is a cloud service provided by Google, we therefore should be looking if Google’s Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook provides such feature? However, there is still some limitation for Google’s gadgets to work with Outlook for such integration:

Google only provides Google Apps Sync for its Google Apps customers rather than its regular free gmail accounts. 

What if you would like to sync Outlook with Google Calendar and contacts, which is a very simple and straight piece of mind? Nevertheless, to both Google and Microsoft, this is where the money lies. How can they let you do it so easily and not making any profit off you?

Let's look at a solution from third-party. EVO Collaborator for Outlook is an outlook plugin for CardDAV and CalDAV.
Let’s look at ECO’s size, which is only 7.3MB. Amazingly, when Outlook and ECO work together, Outlook can break the barrier of both MS and Google to sync both contacts and calendars with Google’s CardDAV and CalDAV bi-directionally.

What are CardDAV and CalDAV?

CardDAV and CalDAV are standard protocol API by IETF's RFC for contacts and calendars. Google is using those APIs at the backend to service they customers' needs for such information retrieval.

How do I Sync Google calendar with Outlook

It is easier than a breeze with ECO:
  1. Download ECO from ECO's download page. (when you install it, please run it as administrator)
  2. Open Outlook and click on EVO's ribbon at the top banner.

  3. Click on Configure profile(s)and select Profile #6 with filling in your Gmail account in space below Full e-mail address or username. Then click on TEST at the bottom.

  4. Because GMail uses OAUTH 2.0, you'll see an OAUTH authentication window during the account detection, just authorize it and continue.

  5. When finished, click on Apply and Quit. Then, any newly added contacts, calendar under Gmail folder will be syncing in a bi-directional fashion. Any items that were added on your Android phone will be synced into Outlook.

Besides what we just talked about, as you know that CardDAV and CalDAV are written according to industrial standards, therefore you can expect they work with any other CardDAV/CalDAV services for the same tasks..

Build your own Cloud!

Gmail is a great tool for individuals, but it may not be suitable when it comes down to a company-size environment where lots of information and users are involved. Thus, why not build one for your company itself?

EVO Mail Server plugin
One of the easiest way is your download and install EVO Mail Server along with CardDAV and CalDAV addon (EVO Collboration Add-on). Once we have our own cloud environment ready, all Outlook's contacts, calendars and tasks can be stored on cloud and shared with others. The solution and software I have just mentioned is not a bad choice to choose from.


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